State of Illinois Stay Home Order

On March 20th, Governor Pritzer has implemented a statewide stay at home order to take effect 5 p.m Saturday, March 21, 2020 through at least April 7th

Essential Activities:

• For health and safety: seeking emergency services, obtaining medical supplies or medication or visiting a health care professional
• For necessary supplies and services: obtaining groceries and food, household consumer products, supplies they need to work from home, and products necessary to maintain the safety, sanitation and essential operation of residences
• For outdoor activity: walking, hiking, running or biking - including going to public parks and open outdoor recreation areas, except for playgrounds
• For certain types of work: Providing essential products and services at Essential Businesses or Operations or otherwise carrying out activities specifically permitted in the order, including Minimum Basic Operations
• To take care of others: Caring for or transporting a family member, friend or pet in another household

More information can be found here.