Working for the 6th District: Rep. Casten's February Update

February 29, 2020

Dear Friend, 

I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some of the actions and accomplishments that I’m most proud of from February. This month, I introduced a bill to protect our communities by combating gun trafficking, the House Science Committee passed my Clean Industrial Technology ACT (CITA), which would help deploy clean energy technology and fight climate change, and by Saturday I will have held four more town halls across the Sixth District. I was also honored to be able to bring distinguished scientist and Sixth District resident, Dr. Dieter Martin Gruen, to the State of the Union address, as well as to cast my vote to remove the arbitrary deadline in order to finally ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.

Rep. Casten Introduces Bill to Combat Gun Trafficking in Illinois


To watch my floor speech on this critical bill, click the image above or click here

When I ran for Congress, I vowed to take legislative action to combat the gun violence epidemic. This month, I introduced the Gun Trafficker Detection Act, which would create a federal requirement that gun owners must report their gun if lost or stolen within 48 hours. This requirement would help law enforcement identify and prosecute traffickers, who often claim their gun was lost or stolen when it turns up at a crime scene across state lines. In states like Illinois, gun violence prevention efforts are often undermined by traffickers from Indiana and other states with looser laws. In Chicago, 60% of the guns recovered from crime scenes were trafficked in from out of state. I promise to never stop fighting for gun violence prevention measures that make our communities and schools safer.

Rep. Casten’s Clean Energy Bills Advance in House Committees

To learn more about my Clean Industrial Technology Act (CITA), click the image above or click here

One of the accomplishments that I’m most excited about from this past month is that my bipartisan Clean Industrial Technology ACT (CITA) passed the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. CITA would centralize research and development at the Department of Energy and provide the office adequate funding in order to pioneer the technologies needed to decarbonize our industrial sector, one of the hardest sectors of our economy to decarbonize.

On the same day, my Promoting Grid Storage Act was considered in a House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Energy Subcommittee hearing. This Promoting Grid Storage Act, which is also bipartisan, would dedicate $1.05 billion to improve coordination of the Department of Energy’s storage efforts, create a grant program to both help public and private entities expand their energy storage capabilities and fund pilot programs to bring wide-scale deployment of storage technologies. I’m extremely proud to author clean energy legislation that provides real solutions to the climate crisis and draws broad bipartisan support.

Rep. Casten Hosts 4 Sixth District Town Halls in the Month of February


In February, I held town halls in Algonquin, Hinsdale, South Barrington, and will be holding a 4th town hall tomorrow in Elgin - my 27th town hall overall this term. I really enjoy these town halls because it gives me the opportunity to better understand the issues that impact my constituents and what I can do to be more effective in solving those problems. Please feel free to join me on March 21st at 10:00am for my 28th town hall at Naperville Town Hall.

Rep. Casten Attends the 2020 State of the Union Address with Guest Dr. Dieter Martin Gruen


Rep. Casten with his guest Dr. Dieter Martin Gruen and Senator Durbin at State of the Union

I was honored to bring Dr. Dieter Martin Gruen as my guest to the annual State of the Union address. Dr. Gruen’s drive and lifelong commitment to science have allowed him to make critical contributions to nuclear fission and fusion, solar energy, and energy storage. His work has positioned the U.S. as a leader and world power in technology, innovation, and national defense, and I was honored to nominate Dr. Gruen for a Presidential Medal of Freedom last year. In a time when science is under constant attack by this Administration, I wanted to send a message to the President: science and facts must be at the forefront of our country. 

Rep. Casten Casts Historic Vote to Remove the Deadline to Ratify the ERA

Earlier this month, I was incredibly proud to vote to remove the ratification deadline for the Equal Rights Amendment and stand with women across the United States by giving them this critical legal tool to combat everyday discrimination. When I cast my vote to remove the deadline, I thought of all the generations of women who marched and fought tirelessly for the explicit constitutional right of equality, dating back to 1923 when the first version of the ERA was drafted. For far too long, the legal distinctions of gender have played a discriminatory role against women in employment, divorce, and property ownership. Although discrimination against women will not end immediately if ERA is ratified, this is an important step in ensuring equality in this country and showing that in America, we value all our citizens equally.

To hear more about my legislation and accomplishments in Congress on your behalf, I invite you to join me for my 4th town hall of the month tomorrow at Elgin Community College, Building E Dining Hall, 1700 Spartan Drive, Elgin, Illinois at 2 PM CT. For more information, please click here.

It is my honor to represent you in the 116th Congress. As your Representative, I work for you and want to hear your priorities and concerns. To keep up with the work that I’m doing in Congress, follow my social media or subscribe to my newsletter.

U.S. Representative Sean Casten