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As a scientist and entrepreneur, Representative Casten's desire to learn paved his way to Congress and he believes that, regardless of zip code or economic status, every child should have access to a top-notch, affordable education. America must strive for an educational system that prepares our students to compete in an ever-advancing global economy and that does not leave students grappling with crippling debt.

Rep. Casten supports the expansion of early childhood education, recognizing the difference it makes to give our kids a solid start early in life. Rep. Casten also believes in expanding STEM education to prepare our kids for the jobs of the future to help ensure American competitiveness for generations to come.

Rep. Casten has introduced the Pell Grant Sustainability Act with Rep. Susie Lee to help students access the resources they need to attend college by indexing the Pell Grant to inflation. This vital step will ensure the Pell Grant’s value keeps pace with the rising costs associated with attending college. 

Rep. Casten has also introduced the ESP and School Support Staff Family Leave Act to help expand the FMLA and ensure it covers the 2.7 million education support professionals (ESPs) who are currently blocked from accessing FMLA benefits.

Finally, Rep. Casten believes students should never fear for their safety while at school. He’s a strong advocate for legislation that will end gun violence in schools, has introduced legislation to stop sexual harrassment in K-12 schools, and passed an amendment to prevent sexual assault on college campuses.