December 23, 2022

Casten Secures Nearly $16 Million For Local Projects in 6th District

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Casten Secures Nearly $16 Million For Local Projects in 6th District


Washington, D.C. (December 23rd, 2022)– Today, U.S. Congressman Sean Casten (IL-06) announced $15,804,200 in Community Project Funding for the 6th District has passed the House and will be signed into law by President Biden. This funding responds directly to some of the most pressing needs throughout the 6thDistrict.

“After an extremely competitive project submission process and many months spent advocating tirelessly for our community, I am proud to deliver over $15 Million in Community Project Funding for Illinois' 6th district,” said Rep. Casten. “From helping locals schools provide mental health support to students and modernizing community centers to speeding up our transition to clean energy and helping our police departments keep our community safe, this funding will make a significant impact in the 6th District.”

See below quotes from funding recipients:

“We are so thankful for the Community Project Funding secured by Representative Casten for the B.R. Ryall YMCA,” said Rob Wilkinson, CEO of the B.R. Ryall YMCA of Northwestern DuPage County. “This much-needed funding will enable our Y to respond to identified critical community needs, which include teen mental health, affordable child care and handicap accessibility in our facility. In addition, the funds will help us modernize, repurpose and expand program spaces—allowing our organization to be more responsive to changing community needs.”

“We are grateful for Congressman Casten’s support of Pace’s funding request,” said Pace Executive Director Melinda J. Metzger. “As Pace continues to make progress towards our commitment to convert our entire fleet to zero-emissions vehicles by 2040, funding for these electric paratransit buses is a great step forward in that effort. I’m pleased that the Pace Board’s vision of a green energy future aligns with President Biden’s and Congressman Casten’s goals and we look forward to working with our federal partners on additional funding towards this effort in the years ahead.”

"This funding is crucial to our long-term vision for the Library,” said Betsy Adamowski, Executive Library Director at Wheaton Library. “With it, we can make much needed repairs to our west entrance and also convert it into a large public gathering space that overlooks the beautiful, historic Adams Park here in downtown Wheaton. We'll be able to bring youth programs outside, host new events like outdoor movies or concerts, and provide a more welcoming destination for any visitors stopping by to read a book. The Wheaton Public Library exists to connect the community to both knowledge and experiences. This project allows us to expand on that tradition in new ways, and we are very grateful for the opportunity to carry it out."

“We are thrilled with this announcement as the DuPage Central Receiving Center will effectively and compassionately reduce hospital emergency room visits and unnecessary incarcerations while providing accessible evaluation and treatment linkage for mental health and substance use crises,” said Karen Ayala, Executive Director of the DuPage County Health Department. “The funding and logistical problems faced treating substance use disorder and mental illness require a comprehensive multi-jurisdictional funding approach and the funds secured by Representative Casten is an important and necessary component.”

“This funding package allows DuPage County’s Division of Transportation to advance preliminary engineering studies of the portion of the East Branch DuPage River Trail, from the Illinois Prairie Path south to Illinois Route 56 (Butterfield Road),” said Deborah Conroy, Chair of the DuPage County Board. “This north-south trail was first conceptualized in the 1990s as a path for runners, walkers, cyclists and nature lovers. It will connect forest preserves with parks,  the Morton Arboretum, other natural areas and communities.”

“The $250,000 funding that was recommended for Glen Ellyn School District 41 by Representative Sean Casten will provide an additional mechanism for our community to access mental health supports for their children,” said Dr. Melissa Kaczkowski, Superintendent of Glen Ellyn District 41. “Being able to provide mental health services directly to students in a familiar and safe setting, after school hours, will help students get what they need while maintaining their ability to participate in learning during the school day.  District 41 is committed to leading the way in terms of providing wrap-around services to families and this funding will make an immediate impact on our families and community.” 

“The announcement of this funding is a significant moment for our City,” said West Chicago Mayor Ruben Pineda. “This site has afflicted West Chicago for decades, and through the development of this new park we can begin looking towards the future. Representative Casten and his team’s advocacy on our behalf has made a tremendous impact on our community, and the City of West Chicago is indebted to them for their continued support.”

“On behalf of the Village of Wayne, and the entire staff at the Wayne, IL Police Department, we would like to sincerely thank U.S Representative Casten and the Appropriations Committee for their financial support through this grant opportunity,” said Timothy Roberts, Chief of Police at Wayne County Police Department. “We are a small Village and Police Department, and these funds make a huge impact on the ability to do our job.  These valuable funds will allow the Police Department to purchase additional portable police radios, and in-car police computers, which will result in the efficient deployment of police services to the residents of our community.  They will also help to keep our police officers safe while performing their duties, at a time when they are facing many challenges.”

"We are incredibly grateful for the support of Representative Casten in the securing of this funding, as our co-op will have a lasting, positive impact on our community here in Lombard and DuPage County,’ said Kathy Nash, President and cofounder of Prairie Food Co-op. ‘Our community-owned grocery store will revitalize the area in which it’s located, provide jobs, give families access to fresh and healthy food, keep money local, and give Illinois farmers and small businesses direct access to consumers to sell their products."

“The Village of Hawthorn Woods is extremely grateful to Representative Casten for facilitating our request to bring essential utilities to a section of Hawthorn Woods without water and sewer infrastructure,” said Pamela Newton, COO of Hawthorn Woods. “This grant will be the catalyst for new economic development opportunities in Lake County, putting more people to work in Illinois. Thank you, Representative Casten, for brining federal funding back home to assist the small communities in your district. “

“Clean streams, rivers, and waterways are important to every community and Wheaton Sanitary District takes pride is being able to support this in the communities we serve,” said Matthew Larson, Executive Director of Wheaton Sanitary District. “The Community Project Funding Rep. Casten secured for Wheaton Sanitary will go directly to providing wastewater treatment infrastructure that will be used to keep our streams, rivers, and waterways clean.”

“Thank you to U.S. Representative Sean Casten for helping to secure community project funding for our Willowbrook Wildlife Center master plan project. We are proud to be incorporating renewable energy into the Wildlife Clinic and Visitor Center that will be open for all to enjoy,” said Forest Preserve District of DuPage County president Daniel Hebreard. “The center will be the District's first net-zero designed building, which means energy produced from renewable resources exceeds the energy consumed by the building. The center helps us care for local native wildlife and wild areas while increasing our District’s sustainability and helping to connect people with nature.”

Rep. Casten championed funding for 14 projects that will directly benefit Illinois’s 6th District residents. These include:

  • $2,000,000 for the B.R. Ryall YMCA of Northwestern DuPage County
    • This funding would be used to repurpose, modernize, and expand program spaces. Specifically, the funds will be used to increase affordable infant/toddler care; ADA accessibility; and teen-focused areas for STEAM learning, health and social programs.

  • $1,000,000 for the Battery-electric Paratransit Pace Bus Fleet
    • This funding would be used to buy five new battery-electric paratransit buses.

  • $750,000 for the City of Wheaton Public Library Rehabilitation
    • This funding would be used for the rehabilitation of the City of Wheaton's public library. The funding would rehabilitate the entrance of the library and expand it; allowing a greater number of outdoor events that provide additional opportunities for residents engage with and use services provided by the Wheaton Library. 

  • $1,000,000 for the DuPage County Health Department
    • This funding will be used for the construction of a Central Receiving Center (CRC). The CRC will be an easily accessible location and single point of entry for law enforcement, emergency personnel or families to bring an individual experiencing a mental health crisis. Once at a CRC, individuals are assessed to identify the most appropriate level of treatment for their needs within 24 hours.

  • $1,500,000 for the DuPage River Trail
    • This request would fund preliminary engineering for a 4-mile section of the East Branch DuPage River Trail that will connect trail users (pedestrians, bicyclists, runners, etc.) from various communities and existing Illinois Prairie Path and Great Western Trails to local and regional attractions including downtowns, DuPage County Forest Preserves, parks, Morton Arboretum and ultimately to destinations in neighboring counties. 

  • $250,000 for the Glen Ellyn School District 41
    • This funding would be used to start up on-site after school mental health support access programs for students and families.

  • $2,000,000 for the Kerr-McGee Superfund Remediation
    • This funding will be used for remediation of the Kerr-McGee Superfund. The Kerr-McGee site is one of four Superfund National Priorities List sites in the West Chicago area that had been contaminated with radioactive thorium wastes.

  • $54,000 for the Wayne Police Department Law Enforcement Equipment Upgrades
    • This funding will be used to purchase new patrol radios and updated computers for department squad cars. This will help the department equip new patrol officers and aid in communication and delivery of police services.

  • $750,000 for the Prairie Food Co-Op
    • This funding will be used to create DuPage County’s first community owned grocery store, creating good-paying jobs and steady revenue streams for over 300 local urban, suburban and rural Illinois farmers and producers.

  • $1,500,000 for the Village of Hawthorn Woods
    • This funding will be used to fund a utilities extension to serve an underserved population currently on well and septic systems.

  • $2,655,400 for the Wheaton Sanitary District for Secondary Clarifier Upgrades
    • This funding will be used for Secondary Clarifier Upgrades that will include the installation of new mixed liquor piping (to alleviate hydraulic bottlenecking & flat watering), a new splitter structure, replacement of all clarifier mechanisms and components, and modifications to the sludge conveyance system to allow for increased return flows.
    • Rep. Casten toured Wheaton Sanitary District in August of 2021. You can find photos of his tour here.

  • $2,000,000 for the Willowbrook Wildlife Center Efficiency Improvements
    • This funding will be used to help construct and increase the energy efficiency of a new, net-zero 27,000-square-foot wildlife rehabilitation clinic and visitor center that replaces the current 42-year-old Glen Ellyn building. 
    • Rep. Casten toured the Willowbrook Wildlife Center in August of 2022 as part of his STEM Scholars program. You can find photos of his tour here.

  • $200,000 for the WINGS Program, Inc., Rolling Meadows, IL, for facilities and equipment
    • The funding would be used for Capital Rehabilitation of WINGS Safe Houses. For 37 years, WINGS has been helping women, men and children to escape domestic violence. WINGS provides safe emergency shelter, housing, counseling, mentoring and other supportive services to ensure that the cycle of violence ends for each family.
    • Rep. Casten toured a WINGS facility in August of 2022. You can find photos of his tour here.

  • $144,800 for the Worry Free Community, Glendale Heights, IL for facilities and equipment
    • This funding would be used to make capital improvements to support a larger spectrum of healthcare needs by hosting a community health worker call center and running programs to support data collection and community needs assessment for underserved, uninsured and new immigrant communities in IL District-06 and surrounding areas.

The legislation now heads to President Biden’s desk for his signature. A detailed summary of the bill is available here.


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