Casten Votes to Strengthen National Security and Raise Military Pay

July 12, 2019
Press Release
Congressman supports House passage of NDAA; secures key provisions preserving American values

Washington, D.C. – Today, U.S. Representative Sean Casten (IL-06) voted to pass H.R. 2500, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2020. The legislation authorizes the appropriations of funds for the Department of Defense (DOD). The bill provides for a strong, smart national defense that is in line with American values.

Casten said, “I am proud to have voted to pass the NDAA today. Our servicemembers and their families sacrifice so we can enjoy our freedoms and as a body of Congress, we must do everything we can to ensure they are supported and have the resources they need to succeed. The work that they do is invaluable to our Democracy and for their heroic, selfless service they certainly are due a raise, which I’m pleased is included in the bill.

I’m also pleased there are provisions to help combat climate change and move us toward the clean energy economy of the future, to undo the Trump Administration’s harmful transgender military ban, prohibit DOD’s use of the harmful environmental toxin PFAS, and prevent this nation from entering into another costly war as a result of a Presidential whim.

During my time in Congress, I vow to always stand up for a strong, smart national defense that not only helps our servicemembers but also moves this country towards policies that will set us up for success in the future. The security of our country should not be a partisan issue and I’m pleased my colleagues in the House passed this necessary National Defense Authorization.”

The Bill Contains Provisions that:

  • Institute a 3.1% pay raise for our heroic servicemembers;
  • Take care of military families, improve military housing and clean up contaminated drinking water at military bases;
  • Require DOD to develop installation plans that assess current climate vulnerabilities and plan for mitigating the risks;
  • Require DOD to report on the progress toward meeting the goal of 25 percent renewable energy for military facilities by 2025;
  • Prohibit the use of toxic Poly-fluoro alkali substances (PFAS) and provide $121.3 million for PFAS cleanup efforts;
  • Overturn the Trump Administration’s Transgender Military Ban;
  • Require DOD to amend the building standards for military construction to ensure that building practices and standards promote energy, climate, and cyber resilience at military installations;
  • Prohibit the use of DOD funding toward military force with Iran without Congressional approval;
  • Require DOD briefings to Congress on Russian election interference and require DOD to issue a strategy on countering Russian election interference in the 2020 elections.