July 14, 2022

Rep. Casten Votes for Active Shooter Alert Act



Contact: Jacob Vurpillat



Rep. Casten Votes for Active Shooter Alert Act

Washington, D.C. (July 14th)  – Yesterday, Rep. Casten voted for legislation to quickly warn Illinois communities of a nearby active shooter.  The Active Shooter Alert Act will establish a program similar to the AMBER Alert system, allowing law enforcement to effectively and efficiently alert the public during a shooting.  Secured by the Democratic House Majority, today’s passage follows House Republicans’ inexplicable attempt to obstruct this life-saving legislation last month.


Said Rep. Casten.  “Law enforcement shouldn’t be relying on social media to alert the public about dangerous situations. Yesterday, I voted for The Active Shooter Alert Act to give departments the technology to send out AMBER Alert-like messages in the case of active shooter incidents. This bill will help law enforcement keep Illinoisans safe and informed during active shooter incidents, as well as make sure that communities have the resources, training and strategies they need to save lives.  As we work to enact this urgently needed legislation, House Democrats will continue fighting to overcome Republican obstruction and bring our nation’s gun violence epidemic to an end.”


Since 2009, communities across the nation have been torn apart by nearly 300 mass shootings – attacks that have killed more than 1,500 people and wounded 1,000 more.  Among the most urgent challenges during an active shooter incident is the need to prevent additional victims from unknowingly walking into the line of fire. 


The Active Shooter Alert Act will support these life-saving efforts by establishing an Active Shooter Alert Coordinator at the U.S. Department of Justice.  The Coordinator will offer state and local law enforcement officials voluntary access to training, technical support and advice for improving or implementing active shooter alert systems.  These resources include guidance on the most effective alert content, delivery strategies and recommendations such as silencing alerts in the immediate vicinity of a shooter.


This legislation is strongly supported by major law enforcement organizations, including the National Sherriff’s Association, Major Cities Chiefs Associations, National Association of Police Organizations, Fraternal Order of Police, National Police Foundation and National District Attorneys Association.


Last month, President Biden and the Democratic Congress enacted the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act – the country’s first major gun violence prevention legislation in nearly three decades.  This landmark legislation secured life-saving measures to keep weapons out of dangerous hands, strengthen mental health services and bolster school safety.  


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