March 07, 2022

Casten calls for ban on Russian oil, crippling economic sanctions, and additional multilateral actions to end global subsidization of Russian power

Washington DC – Today, US Congressman Sean Casten called for a ban on Russian oil imports coupled with crippling economic sanctions and additional multilateral actions to end global subsidization of Russian power. Although these measures are crucial solutions to protect Ukrainian sovereignty and prevent further bloodshed and destabilization in the short term, reducing global fossil fuel dependence that subsidizes despotic petrostates and insulating Americans from energy price driven inflation requires federal investments cleaner, cheaper, US energy.

"Right now, the Ukrainian people are being terrorized by a brutal despot running a petrostate whose power is the result of global dependence on Russian oil. This must end," said Congressman Casten."Banning Russian energy imports is a necessary first step, but preventing oil-rich oligarchies from being able to afford military aggression in the long term demands that we double down on cleaner, cheaper energy produced in the US."

"What we're seeing right now makes clear that our transition to a clean energy economy isn't just necessary to protect Americans against climate devastation," Continued Congressman Casten. "National security demands investments in clean energy. American energy independence demands investments in clean energy. Insulating Americans against energy price inflation demands investments in clean energy."